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Our Virginia Beach optometrist does more than eye exams to check your vision and screen you for common eye diseases. If you have a problem with eye allergies or dye eyes, for example, we at Breedlove Eye Center are here to help. For everything related to your eye health, you can count on us for diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment.

Eye allergies aren't typically a danger to the well-being of your eyes, but with symptoms such as watery eyes, burning, redness, itching, and swollen eyelids, they certainly aren't any fun. Allergic reactions are your body's way of addressing what it perceives as a threat. Despite the signs mentioned above, there is no longterm effects to be concerned about. You do, however, want to experience relief. Store-bought allergy medication may be effective for mild cases, but our Virginia Beach optometrist is best qualified to handle moderate to severe cases. Lifestyle changes can also be helpful, such as washing your bedding items in water that is a minimum of 140 degrees. Allergens accumulate in mattresses over a period of years, so you may want to consider replacing yours if you've had it for a long time. Dry eyes occur when you are not producing enough tears or in sufficient quality to keep your eyes lubricated. As with eye allergies, it doesn't pose any permanent danger to your eyes. Symptoms include blurred vision, burning, stinging, redness, tired eyes, and sensitivity to light. The most common treatment is artificial tears. However, lifestyle adjustments, like avoiding wind, smoke, and air-conditioning are recommended by our Virginia Beach optometrist.

There is no reason that you have to suffer needlessly with the effects of eye allergies or dry eyes. With some simple steps, you can obtain relief and eliminate the annoying and frustrating symptoms of these conditions. So call us and schedule an appointment.

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