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Optometrist Dr. Hal Breedlove

When was the last time you had your eyes checked? If you have not seen an eye doctor in over a year, then it is definitely time that you see one. In general, people of all ages should see their local eye doctor about once a year or so. When it comes to eye care, our dedicated staff here at Breedlove Eye Center can provide you with all of the services that you need. Regardless of your eye health and regardless of whether you are currently dealing with any particular symptoms, eye exams can be extremely beneficial and our optometrist, Dr. Hal Breedlove, can help provide you with everything that you need.

Everyone should have their eyes examined regularly. Eye conditions and other diseases can happen to anyone, regardless of any inherent risk factors. For people who are at a greater risk for developing eye diseases and related conditions, it may be wise to actually see our optometrist Dr. Hal Breedlove more often. Depending on your general health and on what risk factors you exhibit our eye doctor will let you know exactly how often you should come into have your eyes looked at. In general, risk factors for eye disease tend to include diabetes, sun damage due to exposure, family medical history of eye disease or even simply being over the age of 65 or so. Many eye conditions do not exhibit obvious signs or symptoms to the sufferers before vision loss or damage occurs, which is why eye health screenings are so important. Additionally, our optometrist can examine your general vision health and help with conditions like eye allergies, eye infections, eye injuries and much more. With comprehensive eye care with Dr. Hal Breedlove, we can help to ensure that the overall eye and vision health of your family remains intact, monitored and in the best shape possible.

Your eye health is important, which is why routine eye exams and checkups are so vital. Our staff and our optometrist Dr. Hal Breedlove are prepared to help all of our patients and provide them with the completely personalized care that they need. If you are looking for eye care, call us today to find out how we can help protect and improve your overall eye health.

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