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Corneal refractive therapy, or CRT for short, gives you the benefits that you would expect from LASIK or other laser vision correction procedures, but without having to go through surgery. There are several reasons that you may choose our CRT lenses in 23454. If you're tired of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses all day, everyday, and you either do not qualify for laser surgery, or you don't want to have surgery, we at Breedlove Eye Center are happy to help you to see your best without having to rely entirely on corrective lenses.

Sure, today's contact lenses offer better vision and greater comfort than at any time in the past. And our eyeglasses allow you to choose from a wide array of great-looking designer frames. But it's still an obligation to put in your contacts, to keep your glasses from damage, and in both cases to keep them clean. The answer is our CRT lenses in 23454. Here's how they work: most vision deficiencies can be traced back to the shape of your cornea. Under normal circumstances, light enters your eye through your cornea and strikes your retina directly. But when you are farsighted, nearsighted, or have an astigmatism, your cornea is misshapen and sending the light to the front or back of the retina instead.

CRT, used on a nightly basis, restores you to a more ideal vision. It's all done while you sleep. And when you awake each morning, you will experience greatly improved eyesight that will last you throughout the day. Then you put our CRT lenses in 23454 back in at bedtime that night and start again. It's really that simple. Just call us and schedule an exam with our optometrist to get the ball rolling.

When compared to laser eye surgery, the reshaping of your cornea using our CRT lenses in 23454 is not permanent, but rather temporary. However, if you are not a good candidate for surgery (keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years of age, for one thing) or you are not comfortable with the idea of having surgery, you won't have to be shut out from enjoying the advantages that people get when they have laser eye surgery.

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