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Are you thinking about getting a new pair of eyeglasses? If so, you should come to our practice, Breedlove Eye Center where you will be assured of getting well-fitted eyeglasses. Why trust your vision to anyone other than, Dr. Hal W. Breedlove, the best eye doctor in Virginia Beach!

Dr. Breedlove has been practicing exemplary eye care from the same location on Wildwood Drive since 1983. Our patients truly appreciate the excellent and consistent care that they get at our practice. You will always be treated like the important individual that you are. Dr. Breedlove is considered by others to be the best eye doctor in Virginia Beach because he treats each patient with extreme care and concern. When you get eyeglasses at our practice you can be sure that they will be well-fitted. And if you get your lens prescription from Dr. Breedlove you can be sure that your eyeglasses will provide you with optimal vision correction.

Our best eye doctor in Virginia Beach knows the importance of well-fitting glasses. In order for a vision prescription to work its best, the eyeglasses must be well fitting. Also if eyeglasses do not fit well, they will be uncomfortable and a daily annoyance. In order for eyeglasses to fit well, it is important that the eyeglasses are wide enough for the wearer’s face. Then, the temples of the eyeglasses must be long enough to reach the wearer’s ears, and comfortably rest on them. It is also important that the nosepiece of the eyeglasses is comfortable and does not pinch the wearer. However, if the nosepiece of the eyeglasses is too loose, the eyeglasses will continuously slide down the wearer’s nose. For all of these reasons it is important that eyeglasses fit well. And of course, since eyes refractive properties can change at any time, it is important that prescriptions are current to ensure the wearer with the best possible vision correction. When you come to our eye center, you can be sure that our entire staff is devoted to helping you find the most attractive and best fitting eyeglasses. We hope to be seeing you soon at Breedlove Eye Center, where you can get attractive eyeglasses that will be expertly fitted to your face by our dedicated optician.

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