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Are your eyes very red and irritated? Do your eyes feel like they have something in them that is irritating them? If you have these symptoms you may either have eye allergies or a condition known as dry eye. If you are looking for an expert allergy eye doctor 23454 to see regarding this problem you want to come and visit our expert optometrist at Breedlove Eye Center.

Our top-notch optometrist is Dr. Hal Breedlove. He has been providing exemplary care for patients since 1984. At our practice we use state-of-the-art equipment for diagnoses and therapeutic care. Many patients come to our eye care practice because they feel that they have an irritant in their eye. This can happen if you get a foreign body or allergen in your eye. However, if this feeling continues you should have your eyes checked as it could be a sign of dry eye. When you have a consistent feeling of grittiness, dryness, or excessive tearing it may be signs of dry eye syndrome. Our allergy eye doctor 23454 will be able to provide you with effective treatment for dry eye. Dry eye in itself is not a dangerous condition. It is experienced by many people in the United States and is often brought on with advancing age. However, if left untreated, dry eye can go on to cause permanent damage to the cornea.

Dry eye can be caused by two different things. Either your eyes are not producing enough tears, or the quality of tears your eyes are producing is not sufficient to keep your eyes clean and lubricated. Dry treatments will help to either create more tears for your eyes or help your tears stay in the eyes longer. For very minor dry eye conditions, our optometrists may suggest that you simply use and over-the-counter artificial tears solutions. Or, he may prescribe medicated eye drops which will help your eyes produce more tears. In more advanced cases you may need to have tiny silicone plugs inserted into your tear ducts to help keep tears in the eyes longer. Finally in the most serious cases you may need to have a type of eye surgery that will permanently close your tear ducts. This will allow tears to stay in your eyes for the longest amount of time. Other causes of dry eye can be environmental conditions. This condition needs to be treated because excessive dry eyes can damage your eye tissue or scar your cornea. To see our allergy eye doctor 23454, contact us today.

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