About Us

Dr. Breedlove has been in the same location on Wildwood Drive since 1983.

We have gone through the normal physical changes in the office to reflect changes in quality eye care, with an expanded optical and specialty testing room for all the new diagnosing equipment available that allows us to better take care of your eye health.

Dr. Breedlove

Dr. Breedlove began as a solo practitioner in 1984. His plan was to develop a practice that cared first for the comfort and convenience of the patient, along with using the most technologically advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment available. He has never forgotten the personal aspect of being a doctor and the responsibilities that go along with his profession.

Dr. Hal Breedlove is a proud graduate of First Colonial High School, Randolh-Macon College, and The Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee.

He has made his reputation worldwide with his research in the science of Vision and Law Enforcement, where he has worked with police departments across North America, and lectured internationally on varied subjects concerning vision and shooting.

Dr. Hal Breedlove is a Past-Chair of the Sports Vision Section of the American Optometric Association, the only professional organization dedicated to Vision and Sports. He is presently on the board of the Joint Commission of Sports Medicine and Science.

Dr. Hal Breedlove is a lifelong resident of Virginia Beach and presently lives there with his wife, Lee Ann, and their children, Jon and Shannon.